This is tutorial page for Aes Publica project

Aes Publica is help utility for eveonline game. It has two module:

All sources for this project can be found on

Let's begin with the beginning.

Registration & Login

Nothing unusual here.

Please register and login

Ore Calc

There is 5 areas on main page (from left to right, from top to bottom):

  1. Change refinery settings according to your situation. Don't forget choose at least one rig. You can add your actual characters, but usually All V is enought.
  2. Next thing you need to do is to add items to build. Use textarea or search field right under the text "Build list" and don't forget to click on blue mark for saving changes.
  3. If you already have some ore, minerals or spare parts you can add them to storage. Ores will be refined to minerals and all items from storage will be subtracted from needed materials during calculation.
  4. Next things to do is to choose ores which will be allowed in result. Don't forget save settings (click blue checkmark in the left top corner)
  5. After all this preparations you click blue gear and should see smth like this. Click to copy result to clipboard.
  6. Next look at minerals area. There is four columns

Fits on Market

  1. Go to "Characters" and authorize characters who have dock rights on citadel/stations with checked market (click )
  2. Add new "Fit Scan" .
  3. You will see
  4. Copy & Paste fit text to "Fit Text" field
  5. Click blue checkmark, fit will be parsed and you should see

    Parsed items are shown in table:
    Qty - the total number of item in fit
    Market - the total number of item on market(s)
    Store - the total number of item in your store(s)
    x[M] x[S] - floor(Market/Qty), floor(Store/Qty)
    Min./Avg.Price - minimum price on market, average price for first Qty*Goal items on market ordered by price
    Jita - Jita sell price (

  6. Add character(s) who will check orders on market and station/citadel where those orders should be checked.

    Autocomplete list may wait for a while before appearing. It takes time to receive citadel names.
  7. (Optional) Add character(s) who posses your items stocks in "Check Assets for:" area
  8. Set warning values
    if floor(Market/Qty) >= Goal there is no warnings

    if Warn <= floor(Market/Qty) and floor(Market/Qty) < Goal

    if floor(Market/Qty) < Warn

    if floor(Store(from table)/Qty) < Store

  9. Click gear icon and wait for a while. Market and your assets will be checked using esi api and shown in table.
  10. Result:

    * click to copy list of needed items
                    Ferox, 155
                    250mm Railgun II, 517
    ( Ferox, 155 = Goal * Qty - Market = 200 * 1 - 45)
    ( 250mm Railgun II, 517 = Goal * Qty - Market = 200 * 6 - 683)

    * Red prices mean more than 150% of Jita sell


If you've found some bugs or have questions - please create issue on github